Zoocchini Comfort Crawler Legging & Sock Set

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Zoocchini grip+easy™  Comfort Crawler Legging & Sock Sets are designed to be fun and functional wearables which support and enhance your baby's crawling instincts, a natural developmental progress to standing, walking and running! 

Cute & stylish, combined with modern, innovative design features, these Zoocchini leggings are better than ordinary footless tights. Moms will love this soft knit that is comfortable for baby and protects your little darlings' knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling about. 

FREE PAIR OF MATCHING ZOOCCHINI SOCKS WITH SKID PROOF INCLUDED!  Perfect for the crawling-walking transition!

  • Age 6-12M: 15-22lbs | 26-30" Height | 15" Length | 7-12" Waist
    Age 12-18M: 22-30lbs | 29-33" Height | 17" Length | 7.5-13" Waist

    Package Includes: Set of 1 Legging + 1 Free Pair Matching Socks

    Designed in the USA

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