Meet Our Team!

Our Team: 


(AKA: "Detail Police")

Favorite Jellycat: Jellycat JubJub Gookie
Favorite Pastime: Taking day trips with family and friends!
Favorite Thing about FBB: Seeing joy from the customers who have found the Jellycat they have been looking for!
You will find Amy primarily at the Bayer's Lake Location!


(AKA: "Baby Expert")

Favorite Pastime: Taking trips to the beach!
Favorite Thing about FBB: Having the opportunity to connect with other moms!
You will find Janine at both our Bayer's Lake and Sunnyside Mall locations!


(AKA: "Organization Queen")

Favorite Jellycat: Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog
Favorite Pastime: Crocheting gifts for my friends and family!
Favorite Thing about FBB: Making connections with new people in the community, and learning all about babies!
You will find Jena primarily at our Bayer's Lake location!


(AKA: "Unboxing Expert")

Favorite Jellycat: Jellycat Huge Amuseable Cloud
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with family and going on little adventures!
Favorite Thing about FBB: Seeing the smiles on the customers faces when they visit FBB!
You will find Jodi primarily at our Sunnyside Mall location!


(AKA: "Smiling Ninja")

Favorite Jellycat: Jellycat Bo Bigfoot
Favorite Pastime: Volunteering with kids and teens at church!
Favorite Thing about FBB: Trying to earn a smile from the littles that visit our store!
You can find Juli primarily at our Sunnyside Mall location!

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