Noppies Kalona Misty Rose Longsleeve Girls Sweater

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It’s raining flowers on this Noppies Kids sweater. And how lovely is the embroidery coming out of the sleeves? It looks like there’s a blouse underneath. The Kalona sweater features a floral print and a two-tone hem.The stretch in the fabric will provide your little one with plenty of comfort.This item of clothing won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice for your child('s future), but also for our planet. This item is made from responsibly produced cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative. Not just nice for your little one, but better for the environment and the producers too.The 'Better Cotton Initiative' is a special training programme for farmers to make cotton production more sustainable.The BCI has taught them, for example, how to produce cotton using less water, chemicals and pesticides. Everything in the Noppies Kids collection can be combined, so you can easily allow your little one to put together her own outfit.

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