Kombi Adorable Infant Mitten

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Made with a water-resistant, packable, and lightweight shell, these adorable no-thumb baby mittens are so easy to slip on, you’ll never go back to traditional ones! Perfect for babies who are always grabbing things and trying to remove their mitts, they not only feature a full-length front zipper opening, but a wrist keeper system to keep them in place as well. The ULTRALOFT® warm and breathable microfibre insulation, ACCU-DRI® lining with moisture-wicking treatment, and waterproof membrane ensure warmth so your baby stays comfortable. Enjoy walks around the block on sunny days and running errands, knowing your little one is always cozy. The Adorable baby mitts rank 3 on our warmth level scale.


Water-resistant, breathable, packable and lightweight polyester


Durable and water-resistant textured synthetic leather


ULTRALOFT® warm and breathable microfibre insulation


ACCU-DRI® fabric with moisture-wicking treatment - 100% Polyester


• Full length front zipper opening

• Wrist keeper system

• No thumb

Gloves and mitts
  • Wash gently by hand in water not exceeding 40 °C
  • Do not iron or press
  • Do not use chlorine bleach
  • Tumble dry low temperature

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